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Carbon Fiber Signal Blocker Shielding Bag for Cellphone Car Remote

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Product Description:
- Outer PU leather case.
- Outer pocket for general use(outer case does not block any signals).
- Metal lined inner pocket for security protection, car theft prevention and blocking cellphone signals.

- Modern-day keyless car fobs are being exploited via a wireless relay attack. Criminals are now more sophisticated than ever! Using a radio frequency relay booster, which can potentially allow them to pick up a signal and transmit the signal to your vehicle will potentially allow the criminals to gain entry to your car to steal your belongings or ultimately steal the vehicle itself.
- Protect your vehicle with our key fob pouch which features an inbuilt signal blocking faraday cage lining which prevents RFID, Bluetooth, GPS, mobile phone networks 2G 3G & 4G and wifi connectivity.
- Placing your device inside the inner layer of the pouch will stop all frequency signals from being sent or received by your car key/device.
- Block Cell Phone Signal: If you don't want to answer the phone, you can put the phone in the inner layer of the bag and close it, and then the phone will be disconnected.
- This bag can also block cellphone GPS signals to prevent tracking, and protect your privacy.

1. Material: PU + RFID Fiber
2. Size: 19*10cm
3. Fit for: Cellphone below 6 inches
4. Weight: 50g
5. Package: No package

Package Includes:
1 x Signal Shielding Bag