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Bluetooth Wired Earphones for Apple iPhone with Mic and Volume

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Earphones Bluetooth Wired for Apple iPhone with Mic and Volume.

- The Bluetooth transfers voice signal without attenuation of voice signal along.
- No charging is needed for unlimited music time.
- Built-in remote control button and MIC allowing calling function, music and volume control.
- Connector is for charging automatically when you connect it, don’t worry about Bluetooth usage time.
- Built with high-performance speakers for extended frequency range, lower distortion, high performance and noise isolating ear tips to eliminate ambient noise.
- Comfortable, relevant and cool to put on your ear.

- Plug the earphone into your iPhone/iPad.
- Turn iPhone Bluetooth on.
- Find the name "lightning" on the Bluetooth list and press it and connect to earphones.
- You only need to do this for your first-time use, it will connect automatically the next time.

For Apple iPhone 7
For Apple iPhone 7 Plus
For Apple iPhone 8
For Apple iPhone 8 plus
For Apple iPhone X
Support all the iOS systems

1. Material: Metal Parts + Plastic
2. Length: 1m
3. Colour: White
4. Weight: 40g
5. Package: Retail Package

Packing List:
1 x Bluetooth Wired Earphone